Jo Rejc

Property Stylist

A little about me

Growing up my father was in the building and construction industry, so from an early age I was exposed to the ins and outs of property development and renovations. During my spare time as a flight attendant, I was constantly asked by my friends, family and neighbours to help decorate their homes, and it was then I discovered this was my true calling and where I was meant to be.

In 2005, I started Sensate Interiors to assist clients with property styling, turning the everyday property into beautiful spaces with the wow factor.  Property styling has always come naturally to me, and I have been very successful in picking the heart and soul of each home that I have worked on and showcasing the best features to maximise the property to its fullest potential.

Over the years, I have increased my offerings to include more than just property styling.  I am now assisting and working closely with trades, either in construction of knock-downs/rebuilds, or extensive home renovations.  This line of work gives me a great sense of gratification, seeing something grow from start to finish. I love seeing the design evolve throughout the building process and love seeing my client’s reactions when the project has been completed.

I have always believed that design cannot be taught or learnt, it has to be innately within you.


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